This ain’t your grandma’s purchase market

Robert Reich…title industry and tech veteran. Florida native. Student of smart sales.

The up and down real estate market is beginning to establish a positive direction.  But this is not a market we have  seen before.  This is a purchase market—and a purchase market served by hyper-cautious lenders at that.  You’re going to have to bring your NEW A-game to be successful in 2014 and beyond.

So what’s the best way to go about this? For your customers the game is now more than just finding the next new client and transaction– it requires a new level of client communication and retention.

This is the part of the story where some industry “experts”  would earnestly tell your customers that it’s about content marketing.  They’d offer empty advice such as “provide meaningful, relevant content their homeowner-clients.”  Well they’re right.  But what exactly is “meaningful”?  I can tell you this: it isn’t an email with brownie recipes or a newsletter they purchased from a service.  And it’s not a happy birthday e-card with an image of a cake on it.

Let’s take this from the homeowner’s perspective.  They’ve purchased the largest asset most of them will ever own.  Now they are very busy with their lives, earning a living (to pay for their large purchase), raising children, running their companies, enjoying retirement, etc.  The savvy homeowner in 2014 does not appreciate the same tired email messages that exist only (and obviously) to put a real estate professional’s picture and phone number in front of them one more time.  Do that and they run the risk of the dreaded unsubscribe.  It also won’t do much if anything for their relationship with them.

Your customers should follow the Golden Rule of content marketing:  never send  anything they wouldn’t want to their clients to send to them…repeatedly!


What’s the goal for post-closing marketing anyway?  Isn’t it to capture repeat business over and over again?  There’s the rub, of course.  How can you possibly know when past homeowners are reentering the housing market?  Most of the time, a homebuyer can barely remember the name of his or her last attorney, realtor or lender.  Unless the attorney, realtor or lender is constantly in the face of past clients (a great way to ensure that most of them will NOT be retaining you again), there’s not much out there to alert you when someone is thinking about buying or selling again. No magic.  No crystal ball.  No “I’m buying a house” skywriting.   Or is there?

The hallmark of any great company is its solid base of referral and repeat business.

The new face of post-closing contact, “Content Marketing”,  demands the real estate professional only send targeted, relevant and valuable information to the homeowner.  And newsletters don’t nearly qualify!  (Can you name one newsletter you get from any source that is worth reading more than twice? ) The real estate professional must regularly procure content, specific to each client, and send it to them regularly–and for as long as they own their home!

Let’s face it.  Anyone can tell you that marketing has to be “relevant” to its intended audience.  In reality, very, very few actually hit that target.  But when you can, it puts you in the right place at the right time to capture business.  Isn’t that the key to succeeding in a purchase market?


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