Sleep with your customer.

It isn’t what you think…

I have a friend, Dr. Greg, one of Orlando’s top anesthesiologists.   Dr. Greg is a partner with one our most prestigious anesthesiology practices and he is in high demand—sometimes doing as many as eight surgeries a day.

One morning last week I was chatting with Dr. Greg by phone and, as we wound up our conversation, he said something to me that has stuck in my mind since: “OK, talk to you later. I have to go to sleep with my patient now.”   I hung up the phone and played that last phrase over and over in my mind “…go to sleep with my patient…”  What a concept!  Dr. Greg does as many as 30 or 40 “cases” a week and he is so dedicated, so committed, to his work that he actually feels like he goes through anesthesia and surgery with each one of his patients!  That’s the guy I want taking care of me and my family if one of us has to go under the knife again.

It made me wonder, am I as dedicated to what I do?  Have I taken the time to understand what being a title agent is all about, especially when it comes to sales and marketing?

I know a title marketing rep turned title owner who is fully committed to her business.  In addition to all of the “standard” marketing activities you’d expect of a top-notch professional , she also goes on caravan with Realtors nearly every week—which takes most of the day.   If one of her customers has an open house she will spend most the day assisting the agent.  She goes to work with her customers!

When Shawn, a new rep with a national underwriter, asked me what I advice I could give him to be successful in his new career, my response was, “Go work for one (or several) of your customers.  Go answer the phones, courier documents, and assist in a closing.  Do whatever you can to experience their workday.”  He did it.  It meant a lot to him and more to the title agent.

Do you go to sleep (work) with your customer?  Do you know, really know, what challenges they face this month?  Not six months ago, not last year, but right now?  According to the National Association of realtors almost 90% of homeowners would do business with the Realtor again, but only about 11% can remember who that person was!   The association also states that 21% of all realtors (1 in 5) do not get any repeat business.  Did you know that?

Here’s the good news.  There has never been a better time, in the history of the title industry, to increase your market share of customers.  Your competition has either gone out of business or has reduced staff and their marketing budgets.  There are agents and lenders who are just waiting for a title agent who understands their business, especially their challenges, to call them and say, “I want to be your business partner.”  (RESPA compliant, of course!).  The title agent who understands how to really solve the problems of his or her customers will double, triple and quadruple their revenues in the next 12 to 36 months.

There has never been a better time stand apart from your competition and to grow your business, but only if you are willing to go to sleep with your customer.  Thanks Dr. Greg.


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