Not interested.

Every sales rep has heard this from a  prospect.  It is deflating, demoralizing and can put you in a funk, at least for a little while.   This is part of our professional lives.  The purpose of any sales rep is the prospecting for, and the acquisition of, new customers.    That’s it.  That’s our job.  Period, end of story.

Too many reps misunderstand their roles, expanding them to include seeing current customers (or “customer service”), filling out paperwork and going to meetings.  No, no, no—a thousand times “NO!”  While most or all of these tasks are unavoidable, they are not what you were truly hired to do.  Employers hire a sales rep to S-E-L-L.  This may seem obvious but show me a rep who was fired or quit his or her job because of non-performance and I’ll show you someone who spent too much time on the wrong things.

“A sales rep is not working unless he is belt buckle to belt buckle with someone he or she doesn’t know or doesn’t know well.”  Robert Reich

“I can’t go out and sell yet, I’m still working on my call lists.” Ever hear anyone give this reply when asked why he or she isn’t out meeting with prospective customers?  These are the “getting ready to get ready” reps who hide behind busy work as an excuse not to do the things they were hired to do.

Let’s face it: cold calling new people sucks when it doesn’t work out.  But it is one of the most rewarding things you can do when it does.

Sales Rep: “Hi, you don’t know me but my company is ABC Title.  We are the best in the county.  Why don’t you give us a try?”

Real Estate Agent:  “OK”

Seems pretty simple doesn’t it?  I challenge you to approach 100 people in the next 30 days and say the line above verbatim—no more, no less.   Sure some are going to give you an answer you don’t want to hear but focus on the important goal of 100 so no single response stands out.

Real Estate Agent:  “Not interested.”

You:  (to yourself) “Next”.


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