Stop the madness!

We’ve all been there, or are there now.  Some situation, person, job (career?), hobby, group or event that just isn’t working out.   One day not too long ago, maybe before you were even conscious of it, you were involved.  Perhaps in the beginning it seemed like a good idea, and perhaps it was.  But, as time went on, things slowly started to deteriorate, so slowly that you may not have even noticed that things had taken a turn for worse.  But there you are none-the-less, going in the wrong direction and you’re probably not sure what to do about it.

You could make a change but that seems scary.  Change for the sake of just doing something different is usually not a wise choice.  Change must be considered carefully from all angles.  You should take plenty of time when considering making a change because if it doesn’t work out, you probably can’t (or won’t) go back.

You could confront the situation again as you may have done many times before.  But that has never really made a difference.  There are no winners in most confrontations.

You could ignore it as you may have been for a while.  But you know you can’t forever.

You know, deep down, you shouldn’t stay where you are.  Thing just aren’t working out.  It may be robbing you of your time, energy, wealth or health.  Each day that goes by you feel things going the wrong way, life slipping away.  That little voice inside you screams at you with that diet guru’s saying from way back in the 90’s:  Stop the madness!

You deserve to be with positive people and in good situations.   Surrounding yourself with only the positives in life makes you positive and ultimately successful.   If you are surrounded by negative, even for part of your day, it can be disastrous—but you already knew that.

Once you decide what to do, you’ll know inside you are making the right decision, even if the immediate response is painful.   The good news is once you take action you’ll feel like a new person.  The sun shines a little brighter and the flowers will smell sweeter.

Perhaps a Tweet I read recently said it best:  “Break-ups happen, get over it.  Move on to something better.  You’ll be glad you did.”


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