RamQuest, Digital Docs.net Integration Helps Agents Increase Market Share

Digital Docs.net recently announced that it has inte­grated with RamQuest’s Closing Market™ digital
network. Digital Docs.net is a provider of Digital Closing Docs with Forever
Marketing™ and the pioneer in automated digital marketing tech­nology for the
title industry (http://www.digitaldocs.net). Closing Market is RamQuest
Inc.’s appli­cation-to-application interface that electronically connects
business partners, allowing each to work from within their own software. (To
learn more about RamQuest, visit www.ramquest.com.)

“Our integration with RamQuest provides a first-ever automated marketing platform for
title agents to increase market share and repeat business,” said Robert Reich,
President of Digital Docs.net. “And because this is a transaction-based document
management fee, title agents and their referral sources find it refreshing to
have a no direct-cost support system and prefer it to expensive fee-based
marketing programs.” 

Using the Digital Docs.net integra­tion, RamQuest’s Closing Market-enabled customers
can maintain a presence with home buyers and sellers for as long as they own
their homes. In addition to facilitating digi­tal delivery and access to all
closing documents, this system offers the ability to automate relevant, targeted
marketing messages to consumers on a monthly basis.

“Digital Docs has been well-received by our clients, and we anticipate an increase in the num­ber
of new clients as a result of its automated marketing system. But I think that
the real key for us has been this new integration with Closing Market, so that
we can utilize its benefits with minimal interruption of our normal process,”
said Jonathan Holfinger, president/ owner of Arrow Title Agency. “The efficiency
and simplicity afforded by the integration to Closing Market and FileScanPlus is
what really makes this a great marketing tool because it is being easily adopted
and accepted into our procedures by our staff.”

“This is another of the many Closing Market interfaces that enable title companies to set
themselves apart in their respective markets by creating competitive
advantages,” said Mark McElroy, president of RamQuest. “By using the capability
and services offered through Closing Market, title com­panies can more
efficiently and effectively service their current cus­tomers in addition to
opening doors for new opportunities.”

About Digital Closing Docs, Closing Market

Digital Closing DocsTM  is a comprehensive marketing platform to deliver repeat business to you, your lenders and your real
estate agents with no direct cost to your agency. The company provides much
needed support to time-strapped title agents eager to build market share and
repeat business for their offices. Digital Closing Docs is the easiest, most
effective way to automatically deliver documents electronically to homeowners
and customers.

Closing Market is RamQuest’s
digital marketplace, which seam­lessly integrates diverse software systems and
gives business part­ners an easy and efficient way to do business together to
provide superior service to meet custom­ers’ needs. The Closing Market network
allows participants to order, exchange and market products and services required
in the real estate closing process.

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